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A Look into the Future
Posted: March 7, 2013

Don’t you wish you had a crystal ball and real insight into the future? Or could predict what the future will hold, where you will be using technology and what that technology look like?  Will we really have cool slap-on watches that can double as our phone based on the rumored iWatch?  Or will we all be wearing glasses that are really augmented-reality glasses such as the anticipated Google Glass?  Possibly.  Google is slated to release its Star Trek like goggles later this year and the iWatch is coming, if not this year then certainly next year.  Only time will tell.  We can’t look into the future, but we can prepare for it.  Knowledge can help you prepare.

This year will bring more of the same:  Now it really is true and you can’t avoid it.  What do I mean?  Let’s take a look at technologies that will change your future.

Social Media.  Social Media is here.  What are you doing to leverage your organization using any number of the social media tools at your disposal?  If you deal with the public, learn to use social media the right way and it can be your best marketing tool.  Ignore it, and you may lose your social media savvy customers.

The Cloud.  I know.  The term is still daunting and makes you feel as though there is some big, weird, scary thing out there in space, but face it, you can save a lot of money hosting email, websites, collaboration tools, etc. in a web-based tool.  For a small organization, that savings can be invaluable.  You have the best of the best taking care of your technology.  Not a bad deal for hosting services that cost as little as dollars a month.  Security may still be a factor, but explore your options.  There is probably something out there for you.

Once you feel comfortable with the security of the cloud, what about using the cloud for your disaster recovery?  Space is so inexpensive that paying for a physical piece of hardware seems pointless when you can “rent” space for only dollars a month and have daily backup and virus protection.

Mobility.  More mobile devices than PCs have been purchased for businesses in the past two years.  What do you rely on more?  Your phone or your computer?  The trend is here.  We want our information now, in a small, fast device so we can continue to work while waiting in the doctor’s office or supermarket.  In addition to mobility, we want to use the items we purchase at work so we only have to carry one or two devices around.  More companies are allowing for the adoption of BYOD (bring your own device) into the workplace.

Does all of this sound familiar?  All of these items were topics of past blogs.  All of them are real and getting better each and every time we talk about them.  They are here folks!  What are you waiting for?

Consider rereading the past blogs I’ve written on these business changing technology trends.

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