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Community Matters April 2011

The Community Hospice

The Community Hospice

Everyone, even those who are very ill, should experience the best quality of life for as long as possible. That’s really what hospice care is all about.

The Community Hospice works with seriously ill patients all across the Capital Region — regardless of their diagnosis, age or income — showing them how to treasure the life they have and live every day to the fullest. Hospice focuses on what matters most to patients, like being able to stay in their own homes, surrounded by the people and things they love.

Each patient and family is assigned a hospice team led by a specially trained physician who’s an expert in pain and symptom management. Depending on the patient’s needs, there’s also a nurse, social worker, chaplain, health aide, community volunteer, and sometimes even a massage or music therapist. All of them make regular home visits, which is especially helpful to families who find it difficult to transport their loved one to the doctor’s office.

The teams also visit local nursing homes, where many seriously ill residents are admitted to The Community Hospice program. That makes it possible for residents to not only receive care from the nursing home, but to receive specialized hospice care and additional services from hospice.

The biggest mistake families make, however, is waiting too long before involving The Community Hospice. Hospice isn’t only for the last few days or few weeks of someone’s life. The Community Hospice can provide care and support for many months. Studies have even shown that patients with hospice care tend to live longer than patients with identical diagnoses who don’t have hospice.

If someone you care about is experiencing declining health, and doctors say there isn’t anything more they can do, The Community Hospice is an option worth pursuing. Hospice costs are generally fully covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most insurance plans.

For more information, talk to the doctor, the nursing home, or call Community Hospice directly at 518.724-.0242 and stay in touch via Facebook.

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