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Technical Writing


Technical Writing
Manuals, Guides and Training Materials

We do the writing, while you stay focused on vision, growth and operations.  Hundreds of customers rely daily on our training materials, quick references, user guides and policy and procedure manuals.

Our team can help you with:

Organizational documents

Whether your organization needs a template, reference or quick guide, we can create standard documents or PDF files.  We provide clear and simple guidelines to enable your staff to use and modify documents consistently.  We involve you in testing, clarifying content and language and designing layout.  The end result will be a consistent package of corporate communications.

References for proprietary or standard office applications

We time the release of your documents to coincide with your equipment or software rollout.  Our experts write all the content, based on your input, and can prepare materials for instructional training, quick reference or online distribution.

Policies and procedures

We help you identify the information that is important to include in your policies and procedures and also inventory all previous policies and procedures, combining new and old logically to streamline communication.  By conducting a quality check of standard operating procedures, we can help ensure that all parts of your organization are interacting smoothly.

Training based on new materials

MicroKnowledge can provide training after you have completed your documentation based on the new materials developed.  We also offer train-the-tutor sessions with a content expert who prepares the agenda, introduces the documents, anticipates questions and answers, and highlights important new features.

Flexible templates

We plan the layout and design on each template for your learning materials or quick reference documents.  Format styles give your documents a consistent look and help you automate repetitive formatting tasks.  We set up an easy-to-use guide that provides clear descriptions of the template format and styles, which are flexible to enable you to make changes easily.  We can also conduct brief training sessions to help your staff learn to use the templates effectively.

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