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Outlook’s Surprisingly Useful Drag and Drop
Posted: August 21, 2012

Here’s a tip that can hopefully get you managing attachments like a pro in Microsoft Outlook. Say you are composing an email and decide to go looking for a file on your computer. Once you find the file in question, how do you get it attached to your email?

If your answer is to go back to the email, click Insert File, and browse to its location all over again then you’re doing too much work! Did you know that you could simply drag the file and drop it directly into your email. Viola, instant attachment.

Even if your email message is minimized, if you drag the document to the taskbar and hover over it, Windows will open the email for you.

If that wasn’t enough, perhaps you are wondering what else can you drag and drop in Outlook? Turns out the answer is A LOT. You can:

  • Drag an attachment from one email into another
  • Drag an attachment directly to a folder on your computer
  • Drag an email to the calendar to create an appointment
  • Drag one email into another email to attach the email

Have fun trying these out yourself. What else can you drag and drop in Outlook?

Author: Ryan Donelan

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