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So you want to use social media for business…
Posted: May 18, 2012

As more people use social media personally it makes sense that businesses are looking for ways to incorporate social media into their marketing and sales efforts.  Let’s face it!  There are a lot of choices out there and the feeling of not having the time or skill to implement social media efforts also exists.  Since there are so many choices such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, where do you start? 

The tools and their description below represent some of the more widely used social media opportunities.  Each requires some research and skill development and a commitment to making your social media efforts work. 

Facebook – Facebook offers you a chance to make a personal connection with future and existing customers.  It can be used to let them know what your business is doing in the community and how your services benefit your fans and as a way to share resources that are related to your business but aren’t necessarily yours so you become a full-service resource for your customers. 

32 Ways to use Facebook for Business

LinkedIn – LinkedIn can be used to gather information from peers, generate ideas and build relationships and expertise.  Discussion groups can be created to spark interest in what you are doing, give you the opportunity to showcase your expertise by starting a dialog and converse with your discussion group participants. Through LinkedIn you can share your expertise through comments and discussions and build relationships through your connections.

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Twitter- Twitter enables you to inform in the moment.  In 140 characters or less, you can share exciting information, videos, pictures or links to spark interest in your client base.  It is not uncommon to create a teaser on Twitter then include a link for more information.

How to use Twitter for Business

Pinterest- Pinterest is a fantastic way to showcase graphical data.  Pictures are pinned to public bulletin boards, and then other Pinterest enthusiasts re-pin your photos enlarging your audience. 

Pinterest for Business

Foursquare – Foursquare is used by the public to check into a variety of locations.  When users “check in” they can leave tips (such as, “Try the onion rings; they are the best in town!”) that other users can “do” when they check in to the same venue.  Additionally, Foursquare has a fee-based feature for businesses to give users discounts at check in. 

Foursquare 101

As you can see, there are quite a few social media tools that you can take advantage of to expand your business.  As you expand your tools, know that the tools interconnect.  A Twitter tweet can show up on Facebook or a LinkedIn post can become a tweet.  Here are a few more tools below:

You Tube

Google Plus




What tools would you recommend?

Author:  Lisa Ryan

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