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The New Office
Posted: August 7, 2012

On July 16 Microsoft announced its Customer Preview (public beta) release of Office 2013 and it does look exciting.  Microsoft has truly taken to the cloud with integration with Office 365 and SkyDrive.  Although Office will be available as a stand-alone product, put it together with a 365 subscription and you open up your ability to be a web-enabled, collaborative, multi-device aficionado. 

The new office touts the Metro look Microsoft has adapted for Windows 8.  A flat look with no window borders, white background behind the ribbon and tab labels in all caps to keep you focused on your content. 

Below is a list of the new features and changes you can expect:

  • Object Zoom – Click or tap a table, chart or image to see details, then click or tap it again to restore it to its original size.
  • Resume Reading – Word automatically bookmarks your last cursor position in the document so you can easily navigate to that position when you next open the document.
  • PDF Reflow – PDF content is editable in Word and can be resaved as a PDF.
  • Flash Fill – Excel will try to learn a pattern and autocomplete a column of information for you.
  • Recommended Pivot Table/Charts – Excel will analyze data and show you recommended ways to present it.
  • Presenter View- The new presenter view will enable you to control how and when the audience sees your presentation.
  • Slide Zoom – Focus your audience on a chart or table using zoom control and easily zoom back to the slide.
  • Navigation Grid – Swap slides through a grid only you can see while the audience sees your flawless presentation.
  • Themes – There is a new selection of widescreen themes and alternate color schemes.
  • Peeks –Peek at your schedule or view a task without leaving your email message.
  • Weather Bar – See the forecast from within Outlook.
  • Improved Filters and Search – Search and filters have become more intuitive and now a single click can get you a lot more information.
  • Color change – Microsoft has switched the yellow color for blue. 
  • More functionality – Using 365 Access 2013 will integrate easily with SharePoint  and hosts a SQL Server Back-end.
  • Drill down views – Access will automatically create views for linked data sources with drill down capabilities so you can see as little or as much as you want.


An Office 2013 preview is available for those who want to try it.  See it and some other Office 2013 articles here:

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Author:  Lisa Ryan

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