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Windows 8
Posted: September 6, 2012

Microsoft has been talking about the release of Windows 8 all year.  Since the preview was released in May, bloggers have been busy talking about what’s new and cool.  In August, Microsoft released Windows 8 as a 90-day trial with an official release date of October 26 (anyone going to sleep at Best Buy to be the first in line?).  Here at MicroKnowledge, we have had the opportunity to use Windows 8 and thought there were a few things you need to know.

Let’s get to some facts about Windows 8:

  • It looks different than Windows 7.
  • The Start button is gone.
  • It looks and feels like your iPad/iPhone or smartphone.
  • It has a Metro User Interface.
  • To keep things exciting, Windows 8 is the first major release of an operating system designed to work with both tablets and desktops.
  • Windows 8 is being touted as even faster than Windows 7 on boot- up and in processing (for those of you worried about system processing and computer speed).

Ok, so now you know, Windows 8 will be different, but how?

Look and Feel

Windows 8 resembles your smartphone more than it does your PC.  The Start button has been replaced with a Start screen with app icons.  You will be able to view both desktop apps and Metro apps, look forward to a Metro Apps blog in the near future and, yes, you can customize the start screen as well as change it to a more traditional Window’s desktop. 


Microsoft didn’t disappoint with the searching built into Windows 8.  To search for apps, just start typing while on the Start screen.  To search for files press, Ctrl+F and you can search for files, apps, devices, etc., picking up on the searching capabilities of Windows 7 and giving us an extra wow.

Other areas

Some other areas changed as well.  The Control Panel got an overhaul; items are now categorized in what may appear to be more logical order and with a navigation pane/view pane feel.  No worries if you prefer the former view; choosing More Settings will give you the options from the Windows 7 Control panel.

If you want to try Windows 8 for yourself, you can install it from the Microsoft website.  If you don’t want to commit just yet view the Windows 8 Release Preview  with screen shots and even videos for your viewing pleasure.

Author:  Lisa Ryan

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