We build skills and confidence through effective training.

MicroKnowledge's customized training programs leverage the unique talents of your team members to fill knowledge gaps and enhance current skills.
MicroKnowledge Testing Center in Albany, NY

Never underestimate the power of training your team. You can have a satisfied, skilled, engaged, and efficient team in weeks.

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Nearly four decades, we have grown our knowledge base and training expertise to keep pace with the explosive growth of software available to organizations of every type and size.

Brand Promise:
If you don’t find value in our training, we won’t charge you — period.

Flexible approach to provide sustainable results.

Lifetime Training Support

Our team continues to support students after their session is over. Even years after; you can send us a message and we can guide you through the steps to overcome your challenge.

Custom Solutions

MicroKnowledge training is not one-size-fits-all. Instead, we meet with our clients to understand their needs and goals to customize a session for their organization.

Leading Industry Specialists

Our trainers have decades of experience working with and teaching others how to use the many software tools available in today’s market. Using their expertise, we are able to ensure our clients achieve their desired results.

Our Brand Promise

We are so sure you will find value in every training session and if you don’t we will not charge your organization.