2022 Updates from Your Friends at MicroKnowledge

Happy Warm Weather!

We have been busy at MicroKnowledge with client training and consulting, and in addition to assisting our clients, we have taken on a MicroKnowledge website redesign project. We are excited to showcase our rebrand of MicroKnowledge. We kept our original logo from 35 years ago — to say we have an attachment to it would be an understatement, but we introduced a new color of blue into our color palette. We have been working on the website redesign project for 6 months and we hope you will find the user experience to be positive and easy to find the course you are looking for. We would love your feedback on the useability and ease of finding what you are looking for.

The MicroKnowledge team has been focused on offering our clients more training classes at the same quality we currently deliver. I am excited to announce we will be partnering with United Training to offer our clients additional training on many classes. We have been working with United Training for 6 months and are excited to continue to further our partnership. Our partnership will allow MicroKnowledge to offer a wide range of technical classes. United Training and MicroKnowledge are closely aligned with our approach to the client experience and quality of training.

Thanks to this collaboration, MicroKnowledge can now offer over 2,000 training sessions online live. What is “online live”? It is hands-on, instructor-led training in a remote environment — meaning you can be from your home office or in the office and take a training session just like you were in person. We will always continue to offer in-person training sessions for your organization but our open enrollment sessions for your 1 or 2 employees will be in our online live environment.

How can we help you? Email me at kpingelski@microknowledge.com.

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