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The Food PantriesThe Food Pantries for the Capital District

phone: (518) 458-1167
Your help is needed to feed the hungry in our community
Did you know that there are 90,410 hungry babies, children, seniors, veterans and struggling families in Albany, Rensselaer, and Saratoga counties? Food insecurity is a growing and widespread epidemic right here in our neighborhoods. To be food insecure means that one does not have enough food to meet basic nutritional needs. In other words, these individuals and families do not always know where their next meal will come from and, oftentimes, they go hungry.
For many who are hungry there is at least one working adult in the home, but the struggle to feed the family still exists. Single mothers water down their baby’s formula to try and make it last. Hungry senior citizens choose between heat and food in the winter, and veterans are forced to choose between shelter and food. Children who receive meals in school go hungry over the weekends and during school breaks. While hunger is a global problem with no real end in sight, there is hope for our hungry neighbors, and you can help.
The Food Pantries for the Capital District is a coalition of 53 food pantries located in Albany, Rensselaer, and Saratoga counties that works together to alleviate hunger in the community. In 2012 the organization helped fund, collect and deliver nearly 2.5 million meals to struggling households in the Capital Region.
Since 2008, local food pantries have experienced an increase of 52 percent in service to the hungry. In addition to funding and coordinating food drives, The Food Pantries provides delivery service to help food pantries stock their shelves; rescue and deliver bread from bakeries, restaurants and retailers for distribution at pantries; and distribute free diapers and formula. It also connects much-needed volunteers with food pantries and provides education, training and opportunities for networking to member food pantries.
Most of its funding comes from individual donations; the organization relies on community members to help it meet the growing needs of its member food pantries. Just $1 can help provide 6.25 pounds of food to the hungry. Just $10 can help provide for more than 60 pounds of food. Through the easy monthly giving program found on the organization’s website, just $10 a month can provide 750 pounds of food to hungry neighbors each year.
In addition to making a gift, those who want to help can organize a food and fund drive at work or through a school group or other organization. As winter and the holiday season are fast approaching, The Food Pantries for the Capital District needs your help now.
To learn more about The Food Pantries for the Capital District, to make a gift, or begin a food and fund drive, visit or call (518) 458-1167.

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