Community Matters June 2014

Anniversary LogoNortheast Career Planning
Contact: Janet Simmons
Phone: (518) 465-5201
For the past 60 years, Northeast Career Planning has been helping individuals with disabilities or other barriers to employment achieve their goals towards self-sufficiency and personal success. NCP’s programs include employment opportunities, vocational evaluation, assistance for individuals with mental health concerns, a work center, and many other services. In addition, NCP has employment contracts with local businesses and offers job training and placement services at four locations in the Capital Region. The organization’s tagline says it all: “Your Life • Your Success • Our Mission”
During 2013, NCP provided services to 1,422 Capital Region individuals with barriers to employment. One individual with a disability was in her 40s and a high school dropout when she came to NCP. With help from NCP, she went from testing at the fifth grade level to acquiring her GED, earning solid grades as a college student and receiving a special award along the way. Another woman who sought NCP’s services acquired the skills necessary to overcome obstacles that prevented her from being successful in the work place, including a fear of using public transportation and a need to enhance her typing skills. Acquiring these skills allowed her to reach her goal of becoming employed as an administrative assistant.
NCP also assists many veterans in rebuilding their lives by teaching them vital computer skills. Recently, the NCP staff helped a veteran gain newfound comfort with computers, which enabled him to revise his resume and research and apply for jobs online.
The services provided by NCP often have life-changing results for the people the organization serves.

“We strive to help our clients integrate into their communities through counseling, training and support so that they can experience healthy, productive, self-sufficient and satisfying lives. At the same time, we provide area employers with access to a well-prepared and successful workforce,” said Executive Director Rich Bennett.

As its 60th anniversary of serving the Capital Region approaches, 2014 is a critical year for NCP. Community support will be even more important than ever as government funding is decreasing and the NCP team explores new opportunities to raise funds in order to fulfill its core mission of empowering individuals to achieve their goals of self-sufficiency. Visit the Northeast Career Planning website to see how you can help.

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