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Food justice is the concept that everyone has a right to healthy and culturally appropriate food.
Unity House of Troy embraces the practice of food justice in both its kitchen and food pantry, which is critical for the health of the population served, because people living in poverty are at a much greater risk of diet-related diseases.
The community meals program at Unity House feeds lunch to 75 to 150 people every Monday through Friday; the number varies depending on the time of the month because financial resources are often constrained at the end of the month. Also each month, the Unity House pantry offers 850 families, or more than 2,000 individuals, a three-day supply of food.
The pantry and kitchen at Unity House are stocked with lots of fruits and vegetables, some of the hardest foods to get when a family is relying on emergency feeding projects. Through Squash Hunger, Capital Roots’ fresh produce distribution effort, consumers get plenty of choices year round, from carrots and apples to salad and squash. Another route to fresh fruits and vegetables is through the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York, which distributes New York State grown produce to eligible partners. This time of year, people are filling their carts and plates with cabbage and squash.
Pantry shoppers and dining room guests are glad for the access to produce. While the USDA My Plate guidelines recommend people fill half their plates with fruits and vegetables, meeting that requirement is tough for anyone. Offering such food for free allows people to incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables into their lives, and helps protect their health.
Please join MicroKnowledge and ProKnowledge in supporting Unity House’s efforts to ensure food justice for the people it serves.  Donations can be made at the Unity House website or sent to Unity House at 2431 Sixth Ave., Troy, N.Y. 12180.   For more information about Unity House or to learn about volunteering, call Diane Cameron Pascone at 518.274.2633.

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