City Mission of Schenectady

Michael Saccocio
(518) 346-2275 ext. 345
You have likely heard of the City Mission of Schenectady, but do you know what its mission is? This Christian ministry was founded in 1906, and for more than 100 years the organization’s primary mission has been to “comprehensively meet the needs of the poor in a manner that dignifies and strengthens the individual, the family, and the community.” The mission does so by loving others, listening, learning, leading, and lifting (referred to as the five Ls).
While the City Mission serves more than 600 meals a day and houses nearly 100 men, women and children every night, that is only a portion of what the organization does. Its main focus is on helping individuals in poverty get out of poverty, and then stay out of poverty. This is accomplished through a variety of programs and services that the City Mission offers. The one-year discipleship and recovery program, “Bridges to Freedom,” helps individuals work towards a sustainable future. The mission also has an employment program called “Schenectady Works,” which provides job training and support to individuals on the job to empower employment.
The members and volunteers of the City Mission acknowledge that getting out of poverty is as much a journey as it is a process.  They recognize that it takes time and continuous effort to make a change. The community that the City Mission helps on a day-to-day basis has a remarkable ability to be a part of the solution to the issues of poverty. These individuals receive the services themselves and then give back to others in need. More than 40 of the 100 staff members of the City Mission are people who came straight out of the program.
The City Mission receives no government funding; it is able to serve the community due to the generous support of individuals, churches, and businesses. You can support the mission’s efforts by sponsoring or participating in its upcoming event, “Golf with a Mission.” This annual golf tournament brings together people who want to support the Schenectady Works program. It will be held on Monday, Sept. 18 at the Mohawk Golf Club located at 1849 Union St., Schenectady, N.Y. Contact or call (518) 346-2275 ext. 350 for more information. Visit the City Mission’s website to donate or volunteer.

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