Complimentary Session: Resume Review

Join us for our upcoming complimentary training session Resume Review: Check Your Bias Here!

Tuesday, July 26, 2022
Noon to 1:00 PM EST
Online Live via Zoom

Session Description

Did you know that recruiters and hiring managers take an average of only 7.4 seconds to review a candidate’s resumé?

Using a mock resumé, we will review and identify candidate information and credentials that can create assumptions, judgment, and Unconscious Bias.  Participants will share best practices to help reinforce awareness about Bias and its impact on an organization’s talent selection process. 

This session is recommended for anyone in your organization who reviews resumés and conducts interviews.

Key Takeaways

  • Define Unconscious Bias and its role in resumé screening
  • Identify candidate information and credentials that may create Unconscious Bias
  • Discuss best practices to minimize the impact of Unconscious Bias when recruiting


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