55123 Writing Reports with Report Builder and SSRS Level 1

2 Days | Price: $1,190

In this course, students will continue their learning on the foundations of report writing with Microsoft® SQL Server® Report Builder and SSRS. This course may earn a Credly Badge.

Learning Objectives

Navigate the Report Builder Environment.
  • Create table reports.
  • Format reports.
  • Create basic and complex expressions.
  • Group report data.
  • Create matrix reports.
  • Sort and filter data.
  • Summarize data with charts.
  • Print and export reports.

Course Details

Course Outline

1 - Exploring the Report Builder Environment
  • Introducing the Report Builder Environment
  • Working with Existing Reports
  • Lab 1: Exploring the Report Builder Application
2 - Adding Data to Table Reports
  • Create Report Data Sources
  • Create Report Datasets
  • Work with the Tablix Data Region
  • Create a Table Report
  • Lab 1: Creating Table Reports
3 - Formatting Data and Creating Expressions in Reports
  • Formatting Reports
  • Sorting and Filtering Report Data
  • Adding Data to a Dataset
  • Creating Simple Expressions
  • Creating Complex Expressions
  • Lab 1: Formatting Reports
4 - Grouping Report Data
  • Group Data in Reports
  • Group Data Using an Expression
  • Creating Subgroups and Group Aggregates
  • Lab 1: Creating Reports with Groups and Aggregates
5 - Matrix Reports
  • Creating and Modifying Matrix Data Regions
  • Creating and Modifying Column Groups
  • Lab 1: Creating Matrix Reports
6 - Charts
  • Create and Modify Chart Wizard Reports
  • Add Charts to Existing Reports
  • Modify Charts in Reports
  • Lab 1: Creating Charts and Chart Reports
7 - Printing and Exporting Reports
  • Print Features and Print Options
  • Export Reports
  • Lab 1: Printing and Exporting Reports

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