Data Wrangling with Python

3 Days | Price: $1,785

In this course you will start with the absolute basics of Python, focusing mainly on data structures. Then you will delve into the fundamental tools of data wrangling like NumPy and Pandas libraries. You'll explore useful insights into why you should stay away from traditional ways of data cleaning, as done in other languages, and take advantage of the specialized pre-built routines in Python.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be confident in using a diverse array of sources to extract, clean, transform, and format your data efficiently.

1 - Introduction to Data Structure using Python
  • Python for Data Wrangling
  • Lists, Sets, Strings, Tuples, and Dictionaries
2 - Advanced Operations on Built-In Data Structure
  • Advanced Data Structures
  • Basic File Operations in Python
3 - Introduction to NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib
  • NumPy Arrays
  • Pandas DataFrames
  • Statistics and Visualization with NumPy and Pandas
  • Using NumPy and Pandas to Calculate Basic Descriptive Statistics on the DataFrame
4 - Deep Dive into Data Wrangling with Python
  • Subsetting, Filtering, and Grouping
  • Detecting Outliers and Handling Missing Values
  • Concatenating, Merging, and Joining
  • Useful Methods of Pandas
5 - Get Comfortable with a Different Kind of Data Sources
  • Reading Data from Different Text-Based (and Non-Text-Based) Sources
  • Introduction to BeautifulSoup4 and Web Page Parsing
6 - Learning the Hidden Secrets of Data Wrangling
  • Advanced List Comprehension and the zip Function
  • Data Formatting
7 - Advanced Web Scraping and Data Gathering
  • Basics of Web Scraping and BeautifulSoup libraries
  • Reading Data from XML
8 - RDBMS and SQL
  • Refresher of RDBMS and SQL
  • Using an RDBMS (MySQL/PostgreSQL/SQLite)
9 - Application in real life and Conclusion of course
  • Applying Your Knowledge to a Real-life Data Wrangling Task
  • An Extension to Data Wrangling