Getting Started with InDesign Creating Accessible Publications

1.5 Days | Price: $1495

This course is designed for individuals who would like to learn the skills needed to create and edit InDesign publications, while incorporating techniques to ensure publications are universally accessible and reduce the time to create accessible PDFs. This course is appropriate for new users of InDesign who would like to learn the basics of InDesign while learning techniques to ensure InDesign documents and exported PDFs are universally accessible.
1 – Accessibilty Overview
  • What does 508 Accessibility Mean?
  • Why are are we making documents accessible
  • Best Practices
  • Start with an accessible InDesign file to generate a PDF that will require less time to remediate
  • Meta data, tags, bookmarks, read order and other InDesign to PDF options
2 – Getting Started with InDesign
  • Create a new document
  • File properties
  • Identify components of the InDesign Interface
  • Customize the InDesign interface
  • Panels and tools used for accessiblity
  • Saving the accessiblie Workspace
  • Navigation controls and preferences
3 – Designing a Document
  • Add and edit text
  • Format characters and paragraphs
  • Font and color consideration
  • Create and and apply styles
  • Create styles with accessibility in mind
  • Style settings for PDF
  • Tags panel
  • Add tags and map styles to tags
  • Export tagging settings
  • Thread text frames
  • Text flow options: manuel, semi-automatic, automatic
  • Add jump lines
  • Add bookmarks
  • Reading order and reading order tools
  • Articles panel
  • Set text flow and read order
  • Master pages
  • Crreate Master pages
  • Master page options
  • Accessibility considerations
4 – Working with Page Elements
  • Add graphics to a document
  • Image formats and size considerations
  • Move and resize graphics
  • Add alt tags to images
  • Best pracitices
  • Apply anchors
  • Document flow and read order
  • Arrange and align objects
  • Apply colors, swatches, and gradients
  • Color consideration for universal design
5 – Preparing a Doucment for Delivery
  • Resolve errors in a document
  • Color space, font errors, overset text
  • Export files for print
  • InDesign package
  • PDF Export
  • Export options
  • File properties
Oct 15, 2024 9:00AM