Microsoft SharePoint Modern Experience: Advanced Site Owner

1 Day | Price: $545


In this course, you will perform advanced site-building and administration tasks.

You will:

  • Create a custom site template to reduce the time spent creating similarly configured SharePoint sites.
  • Configure managed metadata, including custom term sets, content types, and metadata-based navigation.
  • Control access through permissions.
  • Improve overall security of sites, lists, libraries, folders, list items, and documents.

Course Outline

LESSON 1: Creating Custom Site Templates
  • Topic A: Prepare a Site Script
  • Topic B: Generate and Use a Custom Site Template
LESSON 2: Managing Content Services
  • Topic A: Plan and Configure Managed Metadata
  • Topic B: Create and Manage Content Types
  • Topic C: Use Managed Metadata for Navigation and Filtering
LESSON 3: Controlling Access Through Permissions
  • Topic A: Assign Permissions
  • Topic B: Manage Permissions Inheritance
LESSON 4: Improving Security
  • Topic A: Manage Access at the Site Level
  • Topic B: Manage Access at the Tenant Level
Apr 19, 2024 9:00AM