SQL Advanced Queries

1 Day | Price: $425

This workshop goes beyond the basics of SQL to retrieve and modify database information. Lectures and exercises will focus on extracting and manipulating information from databases through SQL in a Microsoft SQL or Oracle environment. References to commands are made for other environments such as Oracle and Access. Note: Course is held over two consecutive half days.
1 – Advanced Querying Using Subqueries
  • Search based on an unknown value
  • Search based on multiple unknown values
  • Search based on the existence of records
  • Generate output using correlated subqueries
  • Filter grouped data within subqueries
  • Perform multiple-level subqueries
2 – Manipulating Table Data
  • Insert/Append data
  • Update data
  • Delete data
3 – Manipulating the Table Structure
  • Create a simple table
  • Create a table with constraints
  • Add or drop table columns
  • Add or drop constraints
  • Modify the column definition
  • Drop tables
4 – Working with Views
  • Create a view
  • Alter views
  • Drop views
5 – Indexing Data
  • Create indexes
  • Drop indexes