SQL Fundamentals in Oracle

1 Day | Price: $695

This course covers learning the essential structure of an SQL statement and how to execute those statements to pull the needed data from the database. Additional topics include summarizing data, using functions, joining tables, and utilizing subqueries. This course is recommended for individuals who want to learn the basics of SQL in an Oracle environment (PL/SQL). Prior experience with SQL is not necessary, but familiarity with basic database concepts is helpful.
1 – Introducing SQL
  • Understanding SQL
  • Overview of syntax
2 – Retrieving data from a table
  • Selecting records
  • Selecting columns
  • Creating column/table aliases
  • Filtering data rows
  • Ordering data
  • Working with aggregate functions
  • Grouping data
  • Filtering a group
3 – Using operators
  • Using logical operators
  • Using list operators
  • Using string operators
4 – Using String functions
  • Pulling out parts of strings
  • Concatenating data
  • Locating specific items in strings
5 – Using date functions
  • Using system date
  • Displaying month, day or year
  • Adding and substracting dates
6 – Using joins
  • Overview of joins
  • Creating inner joins
  • Creating outer joins
Jul 2, 2024 9:00AM