Tableau Desktop: Part 2

2 Days | Price: $1295


In this course, you will perform advanced data visualization and analysis in Tableau. You will:

  • Connect to and transform data.
  • Refine visualizations.
  • Analyze data with calculations.
  • Perform statistical analysis, forecasting, and predicting.
  • Create content.
  • Share, publish, and maintain content.
  • Get answers with Ask Data and Explain Data.
Lesson 1: Connecting to and Transforming Data
  • Topic A: Select Appropriate Data Sources
  • Topic B: Manage the Data Model
  • Topic C: Transform Data
Lesson 2: Refining Visualizations
  • Topic A: Organize Data
  • Topic B: Create Advanced Filters
  • Topic C: Create and Apply Parameters
Lesson 3: Analyzing Data with Calculations
  • Topic A: Create Calculated Fields
  • Topic B: Use Functions to Manipulate Data
  • Topic C: Use Table Calculations
  • Topic D: Create Calculated Groups
  • Topic E: Create Custom Sorts
  • Topic F: Create LOD Expressions
Lesson 4: Performing Statistical Analysis, Forecasting, and Predicting
  • Topic A: Perform Statistical Analysis
  • Topic B: Forecast Data Trends
  • Topic C: Create Predictive Models
Lesson 5: Creating Content
  • Topic A: Create Charts and Maps
  • Topic B: Create Dashboards
  • Topic C: Format Dashboards
  • Topic D: Enhance Dashboards
Lesson 6: Publishing, Sharing, and Managing Content with Tableau Cloud
  • Topic A: Share and Publish Content
  • Topic B: Schedule Data Updates
  • Topic C: Manage Published Workbooks
Lesson 7: Getting Answers with the Ask Data and Explain Data Features
  • Topic A: Create Views with Ask Data
  • Topic B: Discover Insights with Explain Data
May 30, 2024 9:00AM