Tableau Desktop: Part 1

2 Days | Price: $1295


In this course, you will analyze and visualize data with Tableau. You will:
  • Identify basic Tableau capabilities.
  • Connect to and prepare data.
  • Explore data with views and visualizations.
  • Manage, sort, and group data.
  • Save, publish, and share data sources and workbooks.
  • Filter data in views.
  • Customize visualizations with annotations, highlights, and advanced features.
  • Create and enhance dashboards in Tableau.
  • Create and enhance stories in Tableau
Lesson 1: Data Analysis Fundamentals
  • Topic A: Introduction to Data Science
  • Topic B: Create and Modify Tables
  • Topic C: Sort and Filter Data
Lesson 1: Tableau Fundamentals
  • Topic A: Overview of Tableau
  • Topic B: Navigate the Tableau Desktop Interface
Lesson 2: Connecting to and Preparing Data
  • Topic A: Connect to Data
  • Topic B: Save Workbook and Extract Files
  • Topic C: Build a Data Model
  • Topic D: Prepare Data for Analysis
Lesson 3: Exploring Data with Views and Visualizations
  • Topic A: Create Views and Visualizations
  • Topic B: Edit Visualizations to Support Data Analysis
  • Topic C: Create and Use Hierarchies
  • Topic D: Perform Table Calculations
Lesson 4: Managing, Sorting, and Grouping Data
  • Topic A: Manage Fields
  • Topic B: Sort Data
  • Topic C: Group Data
Lesson 5: Saving, Publishing, and Sharing Data
  • Topic A: Save Data Sources
  • Topic B: Publish Data Sources
  • Topic C: Share and Publish Workbooks
Lesson 6: Filtering Data
  • Topic A: Configure Basic Filters
  • Topic B: Configure Advanced Filter Options
  • Topic C: Create Interactive Filters
Lesson 7: Customizing Visualizations
  • Topic A: Format and Annotate Views
  • Topic B: Emphasize Data in Visualizations
  • Topic C: Create Animated Workbooks
  • Topic D: Apply Best Practices for Visual Design
Lesson 8: Creating and Enhancing Dashboards
  • Topic A: Create Dashboards
  • Topic B: Enhance Dashboards with Actions
  • Topic C: Create Mobile Dashboards
Lesson 9: Creating and Enhancing Stories
  • Topic A: Create Stories
  • Topic B: Enhance Stories with Tooltips
Aug 26, 2024 9:00AM