Visual Data Analysis in Excel

1 Day | Price: $499

Learn how to use the power of Pivot Tables, Charts, and Dashboards to read and interpret your business metrics. Do you have a large amount of data that needs to be formatted into a concise report? Excel’s dashboard tools provide the ability to review large amounts of data. Key performance metrics for your organization can be organized onto a single page. To illustrate the outstanding indicators, charts and graphics can be integrated into the report.
1 – Dashboard Fundamentals
  • Determine dashboard elements
  • Separate data, analysis, and presentation
2 – Using Range Names
  • Use range names in formulas
  • Use specialized functions
3 – Visualizing Data with Charts
  • Create basic charts
  • Modify and format charts
  • Use advanced chart features
  • Create sparklines
4 – Analyzing Data with PivotTables and PivotCharts
  • Create a PivotTable
  • Filter and sort PivotTable data
  • Modify PivotTables
  • Present data with PivotCharts
5 – Tools for Creating Dynamic Dashboards
  • Work with the functions
  • Use the Index Function
  • Use Slicers and Drop Downs for Dynamic Content
  • Apply Conditional Formatting
  • Using the Camera Tool
  • Align Objects

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