Popular Software to Improve Business Efficiency

From my almost 30 years in the training industry for businesses, I have seen some incredible programs aimed at business efficiency. Microsoft tops the list with apps that include Office 365, SharePoint, Forms, and the Power tools. Each of these apps is often updated to offer the latest in greatest in convenience and features. Since my personal favorites are the database and data analysis tools, each of the mentioned apps creates a nice relationship in the data elements of database to analysis — from housing the data to displaying the data in a way that will best represent the story the data has to tell.

Let’s start with SharePoint. The under-utilized list feature in Excel is an amazing tool to house your Spreadsheet like files, give access to multiple folks and not worry about someone accidentally overwriting a formula or two. You can trigger a response to an entry or use a form for data entry, then using Power Automate, direct the form entries to the SharePoint list. Once in SharePoint, you can download to Excel and use the glorious Pivot table and Pivot chart features, in addition to lookup and match formulas, to put data together the way you need it for analysis.

Heck, why not step into the world of Power BI? This is the best of Pivot tables and charts with the ability to gather information stored in SQL, Access, or SharePoint list and then automate dashboards for complete data to story understanding. What used to take hours, even days, can be cut down tremendously to give business productivity metrics to help businesses make important, organization-changing decisions.

With these tools and training, you can take your gathered lists and make sense, provide services, and be more efficient with your time and money.

My top recommended courses are:

  • Data Analysis Fundamentals and Data Analysis Advanced
  • Power BI
  • SharePoint End-User/SharePoint Power User/Owner
  • SQL Fundamentals/SQL Advanced

Our main goal is Empowering self-sufficiency, and we thank you for trusting us with advancing the skills of your staff!

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