MicroKnowledge Consulting Services

At MicroKnowledge, we know that every organization and every project is unique; therefore, we specialize in tailored solutions to address your specific challenges.

We offer both done-for-you solutions — those in which we take your project, complete it, and then turn it back to you — and collaborative consulting, when our experts provide skills development while supporting you as you complete work deliverables.

Is your help desk inundated with tickets? Or perhaps you don’t have a dedicated help desk to resolve issues? MicroKnowledge can act as your organization’s help desk and provide support to your users on an ongoing basis.

With your strategic goals and long-term priorities in mind, our experts prepare you to capture data accurately and quickly through easy-to-use reports, analyses, and presentations that give you insight into the meaning of the data.

Increase your capacity and productivity by automating various tasks. Our team examines your existing processes and procedures to remove the manual requirements from time-consuming and complex tasks.

Usability and accessibility are critical to the readability and use of your organization’s documentation. We analyze your documents to find inconsistencies and usability issues and then make the changes necessary to ensure your documents are accessible.

Virtual training has become a critical component of sharing information and teaching your team critical skills. Our training experts will guide you through the development of a custom eLearning module specifically designed for your unique use case.

Training is kind of “our thing,” so when you’re developing training sessions, our team can provide expert recommendations to ensure your presentation is engaging and informational.