MicroKnowledge Documentation Services

We can prepare materials for instructional training, quick reference, or online distribution and time the release of these documents to coincide with your equipment or software rollout. Through the included testing and evaluation phase, we ensure the materials are customized to your use case, include both text and visual components, and are accurate and effective.

Whether your organization needs a template, reference, or quick guide, we can create standard documents or PDF files to support the successful use of software, operating systems, or internal programming. We also provide clear and simple guidelines to help your team modify your documents to promote the longevity of your investment.

When developing custom training materials, it is critical to consider the required procedures and policies that your users must adhere to. Furthermore, with various software updates and changes, these guidelines may become irrelevant or inaccurate with time. Our team conducts a quality check on your current materials and then updates your policies and procedures to align with the most current technology and organizational expectations.

Rolling out new software — and those pesky periodic updates — is challenging, especially when you’re creating or editing help desk resources while simultaneously rolling out the product and training your team. Let MicroKnowledge take some of the pressure off and create your required help desk resources. We author, test, and deliver accurate support and help desk articles in print and digital formats.