MicroKnowledge Training Services

Our customized training programs provide you with the flexibility to meet your team’s needs and fill any skills gaps.

We offer several training formats including in-person at our location or your worksite; virtual, instructor-led courses; large-format webinars; and, engaging online learning modules. Our specialists can help you determine the most effective content and format to enhance your teams’ skills.

Technology and software are our bread and butter. Our team of experts have several decades of experience working with the most popular tools in the marketplace. We specialize in providing hands-on training to ensure your employees can work through even the most challenging of software updates or technology rollouts.

ProKnowledge LLC, an affiliate of MicroKnowledge, provides professional development training to supplement the technical skills training that we provide. From management and leadership to culture and compliance training, ProKnowledge can meet your team’s professional development needs.

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We take a personalized approach to computer software training and can provide sessions on proprietary software. Individualized use cases and examples taken directly from your organization make the training relevant and interesting. Through hands-on exercises, our experts will help your team master the processes and skills required in their actual day-to-day roles.

We provide several virtual session formats to address your needs.

  • Online Live
    These instructor-led sessions make our in-person training style accessible anywhere, ensuring the individualized attention we have built our reputation on.
  • Live Webinars
    Our live webinars are great for larger groups that do not require one-on-one support.
  • eLearning
    MicroKnowledge’s extensive eLearning platform includes a robust video library, pre-recorded webinars, and live classes. This option is a great supplement to in-person or online live training, allowing your teams to quickly search for resources to address challenges as they arise.

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We offer several training courses on an ongoing basis for you or your team to access skills development opportunities when it is convenient. Choose from over 100 courses on popular software. A selection of several dates, times, and formats provide the flexibility that makes it easy and painless to send a handful of staff to training.

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