John M. Dowley

Training & Development Specialist


John Is a long-time member of the MK Team with almost 22 years as a technology trainer. He is a runner of some 40 years and has added biking in the last few years to round out his exercise regimen. John does a lot of work with seniors and trains regularly for MicroKnowledge at the Guardian Society in Albany. He helps with MicroKnowledge’s marketing efforts and also works on the NY CommCare Team. Living in Kingston, NY, he is the volunteer “computer guy” for the Age Well Cyber Seniors Program helping to provide refurbished computer equipment and training for people in senior residences and other facilities. If you can’t find him at work, on his computer or on his bike, you will find him in his garden: zinnias from seed are a specialty.


Microsoft Office - 22 Years
Apple Products - 12 Years
MS Project – 5 Years
Proprietary Software - 10 Years
Human Resources Management - 7 Years